Artificial Intelligence Meetup KL
By Sina Follow | Public

“AI is one of the newest fields in science and engineering...Along with molecular biology, AI is regularly cited as the “field I would most like to be in” by scientists in other disciplines. A student in physics might reasonably feel that all the good ideas have already been taken by Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and the rest. AI, on the other hand, still has openings for several full-time Einsteins and Edisons.”
–From the book Artificial Intelligence: a modern approach.

This group enables AI scientists/students/enthusiasts to meet and share ideas. The current state of Artificial Intelligence and everything everyone has done in this field, isn't even 1% of what it's going to be in future. To me, that's a great reason for all of us to work together and grow as a team and contribute to the future of AI and this world, too.